Japan. Tourism as a path to knowledge and development

Simposium 4th de october 2016
Pre-Ph.D. Workshop 4th October 2016
Conference 5th al 7th de october 2016

Facultad de Comercio y Turismo
Universidad Complutense
Av. de Filipinas, 3 – 28003 MADRID

Japan. Tourism as a path to knowledge and development.
Japan has had a long tradition of travelling, a tradition that has been considered crucial in the formation of its culture. This, together with the increasing importance of tourism and its role as agent for knowledge, intercultural exchange, progress and development, has fostered academic interest on this topic, both in and out of Japan.

The practice of tourism alters our perspectives, brings cultures and different realities together, modifies the perception of identities, enlarges our world, makes us modify our laws, accelerates interactions, approximates us to the other, enabling understanding.

Conference Direction:
Pilar Cabañas (Professor, Universidad Complutense) and Mª Dolores Rodríguez del Alisal (Associate Professor Escuela Oficial de Idiomas, and President of Fundación Instituto de Japonología, Madrid)

Scientific Committee: Matilde Rosa Arias (Grupo de Investigación ASIA, GIA), Pilar Cabañas (UCM), Daniel Marías (UC3M), Salvador Rodríguez Artacho (AEMEJ), Mª Dolores Rodríguez del Alisal (Fundación Instituto de Japonología), Daniel Sastre (UAM), Kayoko Takagi (UAM), Ana Trujillo (GIA), Javier Vives (AEJE), Álvaro Varela (UPM), Florentino Rodao (UCM, Grupo de Investigación GEINTEA), Ana María Goy (UAM), Antonio Santos (Universidad de Cantabria).

Javier Vives

Technical Support:
Aníbal Voyer