Ibasho (居場所)

IBASHOOur exhibiton ‘Photographs from the Floating World’ is entering its final week. Please feel welcome to visit or revisit this unique selection of works until 21 June 2015.
‘Photographs from the Floating World’ refers to the famous woodblock prints made by masters such as Hokusai, Hiroshige and Kuniyoshi under the name ‘Ukiyo-e’, pictures of the floating world. In this centuries-long tradition, artists and artisans made beautiful, stylised artworks with themes such as beautiful women, actors, historic events and folk tales, travel scenes, landscapes and erotica. The development of photography is one of the causes of the demise of this art form, as the labour-intensive cutting and printing could be replaced by the quicker and simpler processes of photography making realistic pictures reachable for the masses. In recent years, more and more photographers are showing a longing for the traditional themes of Ukiyo-e and are also focusing on long-forgotten printing techniques. IBASHO would like to present works by four artists who are celebrating the traditional themes of the floating world in specific ways: Taichi Gondaira, Naoyuki Ogino, Keiichi Ito and Yoshihiro Tatsuki.

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After June 21 you can still visit our gallery by appointment as we will be exhibiting our favourite pieces from our last expositions and fairs.